Why A Strong Corporate Team Helps Your Franchise Grow 

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A Strong Corporate Team Means Strong Franchisee Support

Aspiring entrepreneurs searching for investment opportunities know that one of the major benefits of buying into the franchise system is to become part of an established business offering tried-and-true franchisee support. Sure, major companies can offer a leg up on things like brand recognition, but at the end of the day, franchisees are making a major life and financial choice to invest in a brand, and expect all the support and training possible to ensure their success.

Famous Toastery has invested heavily in its Corporate Team in order to support franchise growth. They’ve  recently announced the addition of several key new members to its Executive Team, hired both through internal promotions and external hirings. All of whom possess the qualified leadership skills necessary to build the “Be Famous” mantra among franchisees that seeks to grow the franchise into the national spotlight.

So let’s meet the new members. Mike Sebazco joined Famous Toastery’s Executive Team as President in 2022. With a strong background in operations, Mike is ready to focus on unit economics and improve operations within the Corporate Team. Joe Gillie, who has worked in nearly every role possible in the restaurant industry over 30 years. He now serves as Famous Toastery’s Vice President of Operations. His expertise will help franchise owners grow in the early stages of owning a Famous Toastery. Earlier this year, Eric Gustafsson also came on board as Vice President of Franchise Development. Over his career, Gustafsson has lived and breathed franchising, as well as offered operational consulting and profitability coaching for franchisees and marketing. Gustafsson’s skills and coaching are a welcomed addition to the Famous Toastery Corporate Team, already proving to make a difference. All new Corporate Team members are committed to seeing the Famous Toastery brand reach new heights.

How Famous Toastery’s Team Elevates Their Franchisees

All of Famous Toastery’s efforts in its Corporate Team have one goal in mind: to support the franchisees. Famous Toastery’s teams are full speed ahead to achieve three major strategies for the year: build sales at the unit level through marketing efforts and upgraded operational support, put the right people in place on the leadership team, and to build opportunities at the restaurant level for franchisees. The team is also hard at work ensuring the brand has extensive coverage from a unit level, and are bringing on the right franchise owners to grow the brand.

Famous Toastery also boasts one of the most innovative marketing teams in the industry. Case in point: Famous Toastery recently debuted its new franchise website that effectively tells its brand story, goals for the future, and what it means to Be Famous.

“We have hired several industry veterans that have some of the best ideas and the expertise to execute those ideas,” says Robert Maynard, founder and CEO of Famous Toastery. “When it comes to successful expansion, it is all about people. From the top to the bottom. It doesn’t matter how great the food is, if we don’t have the people to execute on ideas, we won’t succeed. Our goal at this stage is to build the best team possible.”

Initial Investment Costs

Famous Toastery is one of the most affordable franchise options in the booming breakfast industry. For years, Famous Toastery has made it part of its mission and culture to remain an easy to access investment opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take control of their destiny in small business ownership. The cost to open a Famous Toastery runs as low as $575,500 to $999,500, which includes a $45,000 franchise fee. For U.S. veterans, we offer an additional discount of 50% off the franchise fee. Veterans make perfect franchise owners thanks to their training and commitment. Thank you for your service!

Grow With Famous Toastery Today!

Famous Toastery is setting the stage to take the U.S. by storm, offering the best breakfast/brunch/lunch dining experience in the restaurant industry. Right now, Famous Toastery is looking for qualified and dedicated entrepreneurs who want to take charge at this exciting time in the brand’s history, knowing full well they are backed by a seasoned and experienced Corporate Team that’s with you every step of the way.

Get started on this exciting journey today by filling out the apply now form here!

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