Be the best in the better breakfast category

Famous Toastery is bringing the booming breakfast
category to a whole new level.

Famous Toastery is bringing the booming breakfast category to a whole new level.

Every neighborhood needs a place like Famous Toastery.  A place where the early risers can start their days, where professionals can grab lunch during the week, and where friends and family can raise their mimosas in celebration of weekend brunch.

This is a place where the service is as phenomenal as the food.  The customers might not know that every item that comes out of the kitchen was made from scratch but they can absolutely taste the difference.  Famous Toastery is where every bite is better than the last, and everything on the menu is something you absolutely have to try.

It’s a place that brings communities together.  It’s a place where entrepreneurs realize their dreams and better their lives.  It’s a place that truly matters.

This is what makes us famous.  Are you ready to be Famous with us?

Now is the time to own a famous Toastery Franchise
Simple Scratch

Our secret ingredient?

A dedication to quality and authenticity. From sourcing Famously Fresh ingredients to crafting each dish individually, our menu highlights the care and effort that goes into serving our guests.

Famously Fresh

The key to that Famous feeling?

Famously Fresh ingredients sourced specifically for the care of our guests. Nitrate-free turkeys, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and cage free eggs are just the start to our Famously Fresh ingredients.

$1.7 AUV

We pride ourselves on our single shift business model and its benefits, including our $1.7 AUV