The 2023 Famous Toastery Bowl | A Recap of an Unforgettable Game

In a historic turnaround witnessed during the Famous Toastery Bowl, Western Kentucky University (WKU) left spectators in awe with a victory against Old Dominion University (ODU) in an unforgettable NCAA football bowl game. Beyond the exhilarating match, the celebration marked Famous Toastery’s pride as the official sponsor of this event, thrusting Charlotte into the spotlight.

Marking its place as one of the greatest comebacks in NCAA football history, the Famous Toastery Bowl saw WKU overcoming a 28-point deficit with only 30 seconds remaining. The game, hosted at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Charlotte on December 18, culminated in a thrilling 38-35 victory for WKU in overtime. Players celebrated by immersing themselves in fistfuls of toast, crafting toast angels on the field, and tossing bread slices into the air to commemorate their triumph.

More than a thrilling sports event, the Famous Toastery Bowl provided an exclusive platform for our cherished breakfast franchise as the event’s proud sponsor. When the 2023 Bahamas Bowl relocated to Charlotte due to stadium renovations, ESPN Events sought local sponsorship, and Famous Toastery emerged as the ideal choice. Since our establishment in 2005, Famous Toastery has been an integral part of the Charlotte community, renowned for our charitable initiatives, devoted fan base, and celebrated simple-scratch menu.

Expressing pride in Famous Toastery’s  involvement, Mike Sebazco, President of Famous Toastery, stated, “The Famous Toastery Bowl was an extraordinary opportunity for us to sponsor an event that celebrates all there is to love about Charlotte and showcases our vibrant community.”

Despite the tight timeline – organizing an event that typically takes months in just six weeks – Famous Toastery, in collaboration with ESPN Events, flawlessly executed the plan. UNC Charlotte’s Jerry Richardson Stadium witnessed a crowd of enthusiastic fans, with Famous Toastery branding prominently featured throughout the venue. From the Famous Toastery Bowl logo gracing the field to life-sized toast mascots engaging in halftime races, our brand’s presence was ubiquitous, echoed by fans chanting “Toast! Toast! Toast!” in celebration.

Famous Toastery’s collaboration with NASCAR Cup Series Driver and 2021 Daytona 500 Champion, Michael McDowell, added an extra layer of excitement to the event. McDowell, a devoted Famous Toastery patron, played a role in generating enthusiasm for the game, extending to a simulated racing showdown where ODU tight end Isaiah Spencer claimed the inaugural Famous Toastery 300 Trophy.

Robert Maynard, Founder, and CEO of Famous Toastery and Won Life Brands, expressed gratitude for the meaningful partnership with Michael McDowell. “With a presence in NASCAR, we couldn’t think of a more perfect fit to help bring the excitement of the first-ever Famous Toastery Bowl to our hometown.”

The 2023 Famous Toastery Bowl delivered an unforgettable football experience, underscoring Famous Toastery’s dedication to community, sports, and the dynamic city of Charlotte. For those considering franchise opportunities, our brand’s prominent presence at such a high-profile event emphasizes the allure and potential of joining the Famous Toastery family. As a franchise, Famous Toastery not only presents a business opportunity but also invites individuals to be part of a brand that embraces excitement, community, and a spirit of triumph.

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