Franchisee Interview: Stacy White

stacy white

Stacy White, Franchisee in Moorseville, NC

Stacy White, like numerous other Famous Toastery franchisees, started off as a regular customer before she eventually followed her dreams of owning a franchise herself. With five children to care for, Stacy and her husband Chuck decided to supplement their income by starting up a Famous Toastery in Mooreseville, North Carolina, and they have been famous in the community since 2015. But a lot of the customers Stacy frequently sees are familiar faces: she and her husband started off as teachers, and now she gets to catch up with former students and their families while serving up fresh, healthy food for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

See the full interview with Stacy White, where she talks about how glad she is to have started her own Famous Toastery franchise, and what it’s meant for her and her family in the video below.

How did you decide on Famous Toastery as the franchise you wanted to own?

Years ago, I was working at a restaurant right across the street here. It was 2000, and I said, “This is what I’ve always wanted.” My husband and I are both teachers—or were—and we had five children between the two of us. So, with a family that size in the state of North Carolina, you have to supplement your income. 

Back in 2013, my son called and said “Hey Mom, can you come work here?”, and it was a Famous Toastery in Dilworth. I went in there and they had started franchising at that time. I had myself, my kids, everybody working there. We said, “This is a no-brainer! We close at three!” So together, we decided that if everyone was on board, we were going to do this. 

How would you describe the relationship you have with your customers?

The relationship my staff, and myself, and my husband, have with our clientele is just phenomenal. I have former students that come in that now live in the area, so they come in with their families. I taught them maybe 16 years ago, and I still remember them, I still remember their families. They come in, we catch up on who’s doing this and what’s going on.

It’s funny, my husband Chuck and I say we try to make sure we take care of people, and that’s what we have done with the restaurant. There are days I sit back and I think, “God, this is ours!” It’s amazing.

How do you compare your Famous Toastery franchise to your previous line of work?

My husband and I come from teaching. Teaching is a job where no one ever tells you, “Thank you.” You don’t ever have people coming up and telling you, “Wow, thanks, great job!” And here, people really appreciate what you do. We give back too. There’s a lot we do for the community that we give back to.

You sit back and watch, and you can see how much we’ve grown and where we’ve come from. It’s amazing. Sometimes, it’s like a dream!

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