3 Reasons To Franchise With Famous Toastery

Why Franchise with Famous Toastery?

Who doesn’t love to wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh coffee, the sound of crackling bacon, and a plate full of your favorite breakfast foods? No one, that’s who! Americans are showing up to breakfast restaurants in record numbers to prove it. In fact, industry research by Grandview Research found the “global breakfast market is expected to grow substantially…in response to increasing consumer demand” over the coming years. As a result, “the industry is anticipated to witness robust growth with ongoing trends in the breakfast restaurant market.”

If you’re looking for the best of the best, then look no further than Famous Toastery, the leading better breakfast brand that’s rapidly expanding in the U.S. Famous Toastery has emerged as one of the most exciting, lucrative franchise opportunities in the breakfast/brunch/lunch market, not only because of high quality, fresh menu offerings, but also because the entire concept is unique. With the demand for breakfast continuing to rise, Famous Toastery is a sure-fire investment opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to “be famous” in their communities.

“It’s all about execution,” says Famous Toastery CEO and founder Robert Maynard. “Anything can be systematized. Franchising is all about making things easier and faster in different aspects. The concept Famous Toastery chose was not to change how we source our food and how we prepare that fresh, made-to-order style that is so loved. That’s staying in our core model. It’s what makes us who we are; it’s not, it’s not rocket science. It’s just execution.”

Fresh Products

For starters, Famous Toastery never cuts corners, and is committed to making its food in-house with only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Customers can easily tell the difference between frozen, day old ingredients and freshness. That’s why so many of our menu items have become fan favorites, whether it’s freshly squeezed orange juice, build-your-own omelets, or stuffed French toast.

“Fresh is such a buzzword and can really mean anything,” Maynard says. “But for us, it’s our ethos, it’s who we are. It doesn’t matter if we have 10 or 100 stores, the freshness is going to make the difference. You can’t fake a fresh avocado or fresh egg. We do things the right way all the time.”

Own and Grow a Business

Famous Toastery also offers its franchise owners an opportunity to run and grow their own business, along with all the perks of being the boss. As an emerging franchise, Famous Toastery is a low-cost investment with high profit potential that also offers all the benefits to franchisees of being an early adopter. With a straightforward and streamlined business model, franchise owners are put in the best position possible for business growth. Plus, with an easily replicable business plan, Famous Toastery is a perfect opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to enter multi-unit ownership. And don’t forget, with operating hours from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Famous Toastery offers its franchisees a healthy work-life balance.

“We want to make the business as simple as possible, so franchisees can focus on serving the best possible experience for their customers,” said Famous Toastery VP of Franchise Development Eric Gustafsson. “We are in the breakfast/lunch business, so our goal is to get a new store open for a price that is affordable and makes sense for generating ROI. We don’t want to be building a restaurant space for a million dollars. We want to keep it looking nice, hip and fast, but still be economical. Our kitchen is built for speed, maximizing space and costs.”

Ongoing Franchise Support

Famous Toastery starts with providing its franchise owners with everything and anything they need to run a thriving location. Recently, Famous Toastery has invested heavily in its executive team to bolster its franchise owners with one goal in mind: taking the breakfast/brunch/lunch industry by storm. From opening your first location, to learning the ins and outs of running a Famous Toastery, to problem solving any issues that may arise, Famous Toastery’s team is with you every step of the way for the entire life of the franchise.

“We’ve gone all-in on people and process, so we can get franchisees the support, help, and direction they need as the brand is starting to grow rapidly,” Maynard says. “We know what we’ve done right and what we’ve done wrong in the past, and putting the right team in place will help us expand. We are clearly on track to double in size, but it takes a lot of work and time to open those stores. Having the right people in place to support franchisees every step of the way is so important for our business moving forward.”

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