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Ranking on the Franchise Times Top 500

It’s nice to Be Famous: in a huge win for the rising breakfast and lunch franchise, Famous Toastery officially made the list for Franchise Time’s revered Franchise 500 ranking, which features the best franchise opportunities in the industry. The Franchise Times Top 500 is the most comprehensive ranking of the 500 largest franchise systems in the U.S., backed by more than 20 years of research and remains the only objective ranking of its kind. Every year, researchers and reporters set out on a five-month process to analyze each franchise’s financials and data. As it stands, the Top 500 list is one of the most credible and easy-to-use rankings for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for the best franchises to invest in.

“Our research team uses a combination of companies’ voluntary reports and publicly available data, including the franchises’ most recent franchise disclosure documents and Securities and Exchange Commission filings,” The Franchise Times wrote. “Our research team spends months compiling information for the rankings, the five-year sales history graphs, Top 10 lists and industry subcategories, and then reconciling to ensure all published data is accurate and all estimates are based on a solid sales formula.”

Famous Toastery, a premiere breakfast and lunch franchise restaurant, was highlighted for generating more than $26.7 million in global sales in 2021. Founded in 2006, Famous Toastery began franchising in 2013. Now, Famous Toastery has blossomed, with nearly 30 locations along the East Coast, with plenty more planned in the coming year. And, Famous Toastery remains an accessible investment opportunity, with costs ranging from $575,500 to $999,500. Famous Toastery has only begun its mission to “be famous” in communities across the U.S. in a big way.

Be Famous with a Top Franchise

Famous Toastery has become the rising star in the breakfast and lunch segment, offering a best-in-class dining experience with out of this world food. Made with only the freshest ingredients, Famous Toastery has made a name for itself in the restaurant segment as a franchise to watch out for as it takes the industry by storm.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Famous Toastery offers the incredible opportunity to “be famous” in your community. The average gross sales of a Famous Toastery location is an amazing $1,316,080, as Americans’ demand for a high-quality breakfast option continues to skyrocket. Now, more Americans than ever are eating breakfast, but gone are the days of greasy diners that you regret eating at for the rest of the day. Famous Toastery has stepped up to make breakfast delicious, fresh, and healthy. Now, Famous Toastery is on track to double its units to 50 by 2024!

“We’ve stayed true to our mission, guaranteeing that our food is fresh and made in-house every single day,” says CEO and founder Robert Maynard. “Famous Toastery doesn’t just use the word ‘fresh’ and have frozen tomato soup come in, or have nitrate-filled turkey come in. We roast our own turkey, make our own soup, our own salad dressings, and every omelet in a pan. We get top-of-the-line items and don’t cut corners on food. That’s the big differentiator between us and our competitors.”

Invest in a Top Franchise Today

Are you ready to Be Famous with Famous Toastery? Famous Toastery is committed to its famous food and service, and is looking for the right entrepreneurs to bring this tried business model, with its delicious breakfast and lunch options, to communities around the U.S. If you want to learn how to be famous in your community, fill out a form here to get more information today!

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