Franchise Interview: Angela Goodman 

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Famous Toastery Franchisee in Ashburn, VA

Angela Goodman’s relationship with Famous Toastery started as a regular client of the booming breakfast spot. With famously fresh menu offerings, Famous Toastery became her go-to breakfast and lunch spot with her family. Little did she know years later she’d become a franchise owner.

“I’d been an actual regular guest back when they first started in North Carolina,” Goodman said. “We took our family there every weekend for breakfast.”

After 15 years working in corporate America for a Fortune 500 company, Goodman decided to take the plunge into restaurant ownership, looking for a more direct connection with her employees, customers, and community. With demand for breakfast, brunch, and lunch offerings through the roof, and little competition in her community, she found the perfect fit with Famous Toastery.

“There just wasn’t that type of restaurant with that family feel here in northern Virginia,” Goodman said. “And I thought it was important to bring it here.”

In this wide-ranging interview, Goodman talks about not needing restaurant experience to be successful at Famous Toastery, what makes the breakfast/lunch spot so unique, and why now is the time to invest.

Did you have any experience before starting a franchise with Famous Toastery?

I didn’t have any restaurant ownership experience. When I signed my franchise agreement, I had no idea what it was like to own and operate a restaurant. But I was so fortunate that the team at Famous Toastery took me under their wing in the beginning and showed me everything I needed to know.

What makes Famous Toastery so unique?

There’s a sense of welcoming that pervades the brand as a whole. All franchise owners have a sense of community and want their restaurant to feel like home and to feel like family.

What’s one of the keys to running a successful Famous Toastery?

We’ve developed our regular clientele from being compassionate. People come in to eat, and whether they’re experiencing a high or low in their life, we’re able to share that with them. And that builds our relationship with our customers and makes us successful as business owners. Being here inside the store to make those relationships with staff and clients is really critical to the success of my business.

What are you most excited about for the future of Famous Toastery?

Right now is an exciting time to be a franchise owner, because the growth is coming and the infrastructure is there, the marketing is there, the people are there, and the talent is there to really help us grow our businesses. This brand is ready to explode, and I’m excited to see it happen.

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