Famous Toastery CEO Interview With The Franchise Times

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Famous Toastery Franchises are All about Affordability and Luxury

Affordable luxury – it’s a term you may not hear every day, but it’s the guiding principle that drives Famous Toastery to be the best breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant around. By offering food at a high level, at a cost most people can afford, Famous Toastery has become known as the go-to breakfast and lunch spot for world class dining that won’t break the bank. Famous Toastery offers a delicious, one-of-a-kind menu that features foods made from scratch, with only the freshest ingredients possible. This isn’t your typical old greasy diner. Famous Toastery is next level.

“No one does scratch made like we do,” co-owner and co-founder Robert Maynard recently said in an interview with The Franchise Times. “When someone gets soup from a competitor, it’s frozen. When we make soup, it’s made that day. We roast our own turkey. We don’t cut corners. To get to scale, some get private equity and they want to beat you up a little and save that 2 percent. I may be naive, but I’d rather serve people fresh food and charge a little more, rather than save 2 percent on food costs to pocket the difference.”

What Else does Robert Maynard have to Say?

Maynard’s wide-ranging interview with Franchise Times touches on so many topics about what makes Famous Toastery famous in the booming breakfast and lunch segment. For starters, Maynard said the single most important thing for budding franchisors is to take care of franchisees and employees, which, in turn, results in a higher level of customer service. And, just as important, Maynard said, is to constantly offer hands-on, comprehensive support and training to make sure franchisees have everything they need to be successful.

While Famous Toastery is experiencing unprecedented sales in the past few years, Maynard said the brand has been selective and mindful of a growth plan. Currently, Famous Toastery has a number of franchisees signing deals for new locations, as well as corporate locations along with selling franchises and building them from the ground up. As a result, five to seven new Famous Toastery locations are in the works.

“What I realized was selling franchises is probably one of the easiest things to do,” Maynard said. “It’s amazing how quickly people are willing to give you money. But there’s a misconception of thinking when somebody writes you a check and opens a restaurant, they’ll follow the system. That doesn’t always happen. We haven’t sold a franchise since I think 2018, and that’s been on purpose. To get it right, we didn’t just want to do it to collect fees. We want to make sure all locations are running well.”

Ready to Own Your Own Famous Toastery Franchise?

On the cusp of taking the breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant segment by storm, now is an amazing time to invest in bringing a Famous Toastery to your community. Customers come back time and again to Famous Toastery for its fresh, high quality menu that’s priced at a reasonable rate. When customers think “affordable luxury,” they think Famous Toastery. To learn more about how you can Be Famous, visit Famous Toastery’s research pages here or make a request for more information here.

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