What Makes The Best Famous Toastery Franchise Owner? 

famous toastery franchise owner

Why a Brunch Franchise?

Growing up, breakfast was said to be the most important meal of the day. Well, move over breakfast: Brunch has taken over. Indeed, Brunch has become a cultural phenomenon in the U.S. over the past 10 years. It’s no longer a question of if Americans are going to Brunch, it’s a matter of where. Brunch has emerged as the preferred option for dining with family and friends, not just on weekends, but also throughout the week, as more Americans forgo breakfast for a later meal. And across the country, Americans are looking for more Brunch options.

“The takeaway is that Brunch, long the exclusive province of sit-down restaurants, is now a thoroughly viable option for quick-service and fast-casual chains,” according to a report in QSR Magazine. “By playing to consumers’ increasing interest in… comfort fare, enterprising concepts can create destination-worthy menu items that speak to the Brunch fan in all of us. As the lovechild of breakfast and lunch, Brunch has a lot in common with its parents, who can swap concepts and ingredients back and forth to create ever-new dining experiences.”

The numbers are there to back it up. According to IBIS World, breakfast restaurants and diners ballooned into a $11.1 billion industry in 2022, up nearly 10% from the year prior. And that shows no signs of slowing down: “As the economy recovers and as demand for healthier foods rises, industry profitability is anticipated to expand,” IBIS World reported.

What Makes the Best Famous Toastery Franchise Owner?

One of the rising stars in the breakfast and lunch restaurant industry is Famous Toastery, which now boasts nearly 30 units located on the East Coast. At the heart of Famous Toastery’s incredible growth, however, are the franchise owners who have become famous in their community for having the best breakfast, Brunch, and lunch items, on top of unparalleled customer service. So how can Famous Toastery franchisees really Be Famous with a Famous Toastery franchise? Let’s dive in.

A Love for Food

To be successful in any endeavor in life, you have to have a passion for what you’re doing. The same rings true at Famous Toastery, where franchise owners must have an insatiable love of food. At Famous Toastery, it’s truly all about the food. Famous Toastery was founded in 2005 after lifelong friends Brian Burchill and Robert Maynard became tired of the same old greasy diner breakfast options. As a result, they opened their first Famous Toastery in Huntersville, N.C., which features only the freshest, high quality ingredients for a breakfast experience that can’t be matched anywhere else. To find success as a franchise owner, you have to carry that same love and passion for food that has made Famous Toastery the famous restaurant spot it is.

A People Person

Owning a business, especially a public facing one, such as a restaurant, requires a talent and enthusiasm for connecting with people. That takes form in two ways at a Famous Toastery. For starters, franchise owners are leaders who pick, train, and support a team. On the other hand, franchise owners also engage with customers, whether at the restaurant or when building relationships in the community. But when you enjoy talking to others, all this is easy!

Entrepreneur Savvy

Part of the advantage of investing in a franchise system is buying into a business model that is clearly laid out and has proven to grow. But even still, franchise owners are running their own business, and must exhibit the entrepreneurial acumen to ensure their locations thrive.

“It’s all about execution,” says CEO and founder Robert Maynard. “We have the choice to muddle our system down with subpar service and food and make a little more money, but then we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves the ‘better breakfast’ franchise. Anything can be made a system. Franchising is all about making things easier and faster in different aspects. The concept Famous Toastery chose was not to change how we source our food and how we prepare that fresh, made-to-order style that is so loved. That’s staying in our core model. It’s what makes us who we are. It’s not rocket science, it’s just execution.”

Learn More about Becoming a Famous Toastery Franchise Owner Today!

With Americans’ demand for Brunch options continuing an unprecedented climb, Famous Toastery is the right franchise at the right time. Famous Toastery is actively looking for excited and energetic entrepreneurs who have a love for food, a passion for people, and possess all the business acumen to be famous in their community and be part of Famous Toastery’s incredible journey to expand across the U.S. To learn more, file a request for more information.

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